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WINNER: Weather

Zara in Year 7 wins for her poem and musical accompaniment in honour of the season of Winter. Zara said: I have decided to do a recording of me playing ‘Winter' from The Four Seasons on the flute as well as a poem. I recommend you listen to the recording whilst reading the poem! Playing the flute and writing poems are my favourite hobbies so I have decided to put them together to form my entry for this theme. I hope you enjoy listening and reading.


When the word 'Winter' comes in mind,

Some may think, 'Wet', 'Cold'

However, I disagree.

Winter is a story waiting to be told

Winter is different each year

With happiness and delight

But for some other people

This happiness will be out of sight

Although these winter days

Are the shortest in the year,

Some may think that spring

Is very far from near

Snow will come and go

And hopefully settle on the ground

But for many people in the world

This excitement will not come around

Walking back from school,

Hands shivering from the cold

You will soon realise

That this will get old

Rain clouds are devils

Hovering above you in the sky

But try not to listen to them

The angels are near by

Your nose goes red

Through the –10 degrees

But forget about that

Feel the cold winter's breeze

A season only comes

Once every year

So, make the most of it

And bring a big heap of cheer

By Zara Addicott

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